Felix and the wheelchair

This evening I took Felix out for the first time on a leash with my wheelchair! So far all his walks have been with me on foot. He’s been around Brad’s wheelchair in the house, but not with the wheelchair user holding the leash. And he has never ridden in my lap in my wheelchair.

I picked him up and we headed outside with him in my lap. He did great! Didn’t try to escape or anything even on the big bump down to the street.

We walked down to the end of our cul-de-sac, and he wasn’t phased by the wheelchair at all! He was just walking along like normal. He did stop and stare at three girls who ran by us giggling, though!

On the way back, we decided to get a few cell phone pictures to commemorate the occasion. Unfortunately the most picturesque spot was right next to where the giggling girls had decided to hang out on their front porch, so Felix had a hard time focusing.

Still, because Brad is Brad with the camera, he was able to get some good shots! Right when he got them, Felix decided he was done walking (it had gotten really cold all the sudden!) and asked to come up. So Brad got a picture of Felix riding in my lap, too.

He was so good I didn’t even need to break out the chicken! He is really a natural.

The only time he tried to scramble out of my arms was when we arrived home and Brad opened the door to whining Alice and Hestia. Then Felix really wanted to go see them!

I’ll also use this opportunity to note that today Alice engaged Felix in play when they were outside in the yard earlier! She was really having fun with him (this is still unusual, though)! And he is learning to come inside when I call—he was the first dog in a while ago!

Pictures are below. In them I am wearing a white dress with blue botanical drawings and sitting in my power wheelchair. Felix is a small sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a purple plaid harness and bowtie.

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