Psych friends 2

On Wednesday I had an appointment with my new psych nurse practitioner. Turns out Scarlet had an appointment with the same person on the same day an hour before our appointment! But as this place is always behind schedule, they were getting out of their appointment as we were arriving for ours.

So of course it was picture-taking time! We got several shots of Scarlet, Hestia and me, and Brad. Hestia was dressed a little funnily because it was cold so I wanted her to wear her new sweater under her vest. It is multi-colored and very fun looking with a Peter Pan collar.

After Scarlet left, Brad and I waited for a long time for our appointment. Finally it was our turn!

We liked my new psych nurse. She seemed interested in making sure my records were up to date and organized, which is refreshing. I am staying on the same meds, and I don’t have to see her for another three months, yay!

Funnily enough, when she called my name to go back, I got up and Brad came to the door with me (and I had Hestia in my arms). The psych nurse said “Which of you three ladies am I seeing today?”. I thought she was referring to people in the waiting room, but it turns out she mistook Brad for a woman and was also including Hestia. Brad’s eccentric outfits often have people mistaking him for a woman when he’s wearing a mask and a blanket on his legs, and he’s not offended, so it was all OK.

Later on she remarked about how nice the three of us all looked, and made a point to include Hestia in the looking nice, so that was nice that she didn’t mind Hestia’s outfit.

Pictures include Scarlet who has half red and half black hair and is wearing a bright green top. I am wearing a purple top with purple, pink, and turquoise leggings and a purple coat. Hestia has on a purple sweater with pink and blue circles on it and a purple service dog vest over that. Brad is wearing orange pants, blanket, hat, and tie with dark green shirt and blazer and gold vest.

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