A puppy on the way?

I got word today from my breeder that she has a 5-mont-old sable (same color as Alice) male puppy that she was keeping for show. Unfortunately his testicle hasn’t descended, so she won’t be able to show him.

She says he is very very smart, extremely brave, food motivated, and eager to please. She thinks he could be a good fit for me!

He will probably end up between Hestia and Alice in size, maybe around 7 lbs.

I am going to be driving up to see him in about two weeks! If he has the temperament for service work that I’m looking for, I’ll be taking him home. Ahhh!

I’m now scrambling to put together a list of supplies I need for the puppy, who will be named Felix if I get him.

If anyone wants to contribute (including any amount to my vet fund via my vet), here is my wishlist!


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