A sample for the vet and a psych NP well met

Today we had to do a couple of things and I brought Hestia along with me since Alice will be going out twice later this week.

The first thing we had to do was drop off a fecal sample of Alice’s at the vet. Today’s blog entry starts early this morning on our walk when I had to collect the sample.

They gave me a narrow tube to collect the sample in. The tube was just about as wide around as Alice’s poops are. So we’re walking along and we start to approach a city work truck with an employee inside hanging out. Of course Alice decides to poop right in front of the work truck to give the man a little show!

She did her business, and then I had to do the business of collecting the sample. It took me several minutes of trying to use the little scooper provided to get her poop in the tube. I had to move this way and that, and it must’ve looked really funny to the guy in the truck! Here’s this overweight lady bending over and playing with her dog’s poop! Meanwhile Alice is frolicking next to me enjoying herself greatly!

Eventually I got her whole poop in the tube! Yay! But then I realized that they probably didn’t need her whole poop… I probably could have just scooped off a sample of it instead of trying to collect the entire thing. Oh well—at least they’ll have plenty!

Later on when it was time to go to the vet to drop it off, Alice was a good girl going into her crate while we were leaving. Hestia was very excited in the car and let off a few woofs of excitement!

I got to the vet, and ran in to drop off the poop. Then we headed over to my psych nurse’s office for my appointment. We had left just the right amount of time and got to the office a few minutes before my appointment. Hestia sensed we were nearly running late and was pulling a bit (no, she didn’t really sense it, she’s just out of practice!).

Brad only had time to take a few pictures before she called us back!

Brad got some photos of Tiffany (my psych nurse) wearing her bedazzled mask. She bedazzles them herself! We had a great appointment, and a good check in. No changes were made in my medications, yay! Hestia was perfect in the appointment, as usual.

On our way out, we stopped to take some photos of Brad in his new teal velvet blazer that he got from our Amazon review program. He looks very snazzy in it and enjoyed posing!

Our pictures are below. In them I have short brown curly hair and am wearing a multi-fall-colored tropical-patterned dress. Hestia is a black and white Japanese Chin wearing a green harness. Brad is wearing his teal blazer with brown pants and shirt, a teal tie, a black and blue hat, and a multicolored scarf.

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