Alice gets comfortable with wheelchair walking

Twice now I’ve taken Alice on morning walkies next to my wheelchair. She’s a little hesitant about getting too close to it in the house, so I figured getting out and moving would help her realize it can be a fun thing.

Her position is pretty in line with me, however she likes to stay pretty far out near the end of the leash and not get too close to the wheelchair.

Normally it’s too hot to walk her next to my wheelchair when Brad is awake, so I can’t get video. But today there was a rainstorm, and during a break (well mostly a breakā€”it was just sprinkling!) we went out and took a video of her learning how to walk next to my wheelchair.

The video is below and pictures at the bottom, and if anyone has any suggestions I’d be happy to hear them! She cannot walk while taking treats, so that adds another layer of complication. So far I’ve just been letting her walk however she feels comfortable around the chair, and maybe it’s best to keep doing that for a little while until she’s really confident. In the video I’m wearing an apricot, green, and turquoise boho dress (that I noticed is getting onto my wheel!) and Alice is a tiny sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a pink plaid harness.

I’ve been giving her treats in the house for getting close to the wheelchair when it’s stationary. To pick her up when we’re out on walks, she will approach kinda close, then I’ve been kinda pulling her a little (I know, bad Ronnie!) and she’ll do a paws up onto the footrest for me to pick her up. I need to work on not pulling her at all to get her to do a paws up so I can get her. Bringing treats with me would help!

We got a picture of her with her paws up on my footrest and me about to scoop her up into my lap as well as a couple of pictures of her on the ground next to me. Enjoy and please give me some feedback!

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