Convention—hanging out afterward

Some of the regular convention goers (me, Brad, Deanna, and Allison) need time to rest at the hotel before we travel back home due to our disabilities. Since we were all at the hotel, we decided to relax together! This series of pictures shows us relaxing by the pool, getting food, and staying warm by the fire tables. It’s nice to be understood—where others realize that travel is hard and you need to just relax and regain some strength before attempting it again. These pictures show Brad in his power wheelchair, me mostly not using my wheelchair with Alice and Hestia the Japanese Chin, Allison with Ruby the Golden Retriever, and Deanna with Jaxon the Min Pin.

The hotel had a great pool and hot tub area. The hot tub was a little small—it was supposed to hold just four people I think. But it was big enough for us, as Brad didn’t want to get in. The first day we met down there, Brad and I were the first to arrive. So we did a little photo shoot of me in my swim dress.

Allison arrived next, so we got some pictures of us together in our swim dresses. Then eventually Deanna arrived in her swim dress (swim dresses are a thing!), and we all got in. We had a great time in the hot tub talking and relaxing! Deanna even got into the pool to cool off! These pictures are from one of our two days in the hot tub.

There was one funny incident! Deanna was talking with and kissing Hestia (who was tied to a post) from inside the hot tub. So then I tried to do it. Only Hestia got scared that I was going to put her in the hot tub! That’s what I get for giving her baths, I guess! She backed out of her harness and ran towards the door! Luckily the door to the hotel was shut, so she couldn’t go running all the way back to our room LOL. She just stood there at the door to the hotel wanting to be anywhere but around water! I had to go chasing after her and pick her up and carry her back over to us. I put her back in her harness, but this time made sure it was tight enough that she couldn’t escape again. Poor Hestia had the opposite problem of Ruby, who really wanted to get in the hot tub!

One of the other things we did to relax was eat some more! The Hangar had some really excellent places to get food. My two favorite were Blue Bowl and the Korean BBQ. The Korean BBQ had great bulgogi which is a shredded beef stir fry. Blue Bowl had frozen coconut based treats with all kinds of fruit, nut, and seed toppings—very healthy! We got some pictures of me at Blue Bowl, some with Allison in and walking home from the Hangar, and a few from inside Whole Foods. Whole Foods had an apple called the Lady Alice apple, so we got a picture of the apple next to little Alice! Of course Brad bought it and ate it later on 🙂

There’s never too much Brad modeling in our picture sets, so here are some pictures of Brad modeling his new scarf and hat that he got at the Shoreline Village. It is a beautiful pastel rainbow scarf, and a really nice looking lavender hat! He is rocking it with an outfit primarily of sky blue and purple, with a palm tree in the background.

The very last night we were there, they lit the fire tables outside the hotel. These are wooden tables with a circle of glass rocks in the middle. There is a propane tank under the table that filters gas up through the rocks and is lit on fire. Brad had a great time taking pictures of the dancing flames. It was chilly, so I am bundled up under a blanket with the pups. We got some great last memories in front of the fire. Overall it was a wonderful convention, and I can’t wait for next year!

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