Mermaid bikini; a silly story about silly dogs 2

The other day Hestia and Alice were out for a stroll on a pebbled beach and met a magical purple mermaid. The mermaid said:

“You two are the cutest doggies ever! Your hearts are true and pure. If you can show love by sharing it, I have a magical gift to bestow upon you.”

The doggies of course cannot speak, so they just stared with googley eyes. So the mermaid said:

“Oh that’s right, dogs can’t speak. So here’s the gift anyway! It’s a magical bikini that will bring you and those around you happiness and joy. I know it’s a silly gift, but you’re silly dogs, aren’t you?!”

Again, the girls did not speak, for they cannot. But they took turns donning the mermaid bikini and pleasing everyone who had the pleasure of their eyes feasting upon the shimmery delight.

The mermaid bikini has a fluffy skirt and a triangle bikini top with light purple shiny mermaid material. Below the girls are at home again and modeling the bikini on a wood floor. Unfortunately the bikini only covers two out of their 6 nipples. But no one said magic mermaids are perfect!

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