Sequins and sister matching

Hestia got two new outfits, and one matches her sister Alice!

The first outfit is purely for fun from the Amazon review program. It is a pink dress with a tulle skirt. The bodice has white sequins with blue sequin hearts. But if you rub the sequins the other way, the hearts turn into pink hearts! Brad was trying out his new 2 ft by 2 ft photo box, so we tried putting Hestia into it for the pictures! A photo box is just a box that has a consistent background and light source for taking picture of small items. Unfortunately she was a little bit too big, so the pictures didn’t turn out great. For my blind and low vision viewers, a reminder that Hestia is a black and white Japanese Chin with a smushed nose and googley eyes.

Hestia also got a harness to match Alice’s new harness! Of course the girls must match when I take them out working together LOL! I will be working them together on an upcoming trip to DC, so it was important to get the harness for Hestia now and get her used to wearing it as well.

Alice and Hestia’s harnesses are a slightly lighter purpleā€”almost a cross between a traditional purple and a lavender. They wrap around the body and velcro on the back. Then there are clips to secure the velcro where the leash attaches. They say “service dog” on both sides of the harnesses.

I got out treats for these pictures, and maybe I shouldn’t have picked the highest value freeze dried fish treats because Alice went a little wild! She kept jumping up and pawing her front legs together and dancing around. Meanwhile Hestia kept doing spins! It was pretty funny! But we did manage to get some good shots of them sitting, standing, and even jumping up wearing the harnesses. Just a reminder that Alice is a sable and white Japanese Chin who is about half Hestia’s size.

The first picture is to show you what it looks like when Alice requests a ride on the Daddy throne. She does this all the time! She will do a paws up onto Brad’s footplate and look at him imploringly. So he reaches down to pick her up and she thinks that she climbs up his legs and into his lap. It is one of her favorite spots to be!

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