Primarily positive

Today we voted in the primaries! We think voting is so important, and neither of us has ever missed voting since we were old enough.

I decided to take Alice and try out her new service dog harness. I was really worried that the poll workers wouldn’t accept her and would be mean to us.

But when we arrived, they were the nicest people possible! Of course the first thing they noticed was Brad’s outfit! But next they noticed Alice. They had nothing but compliments for her.

One of the workers asked me very nicely if she could pet Alice, so I agreed. I said that I really appreciated her asking first, and she told me she always asks before petting any dog—but especially if it’s a service dog. That made me feel really good and like I made the right decision by allowing her to pet Alice.

We got our votes in, and then on the way out stopped for some pictures with our “I voted” stickers!

In them, I am wearing a light blue dress with pink flowers and a blue butterfly in my hair. I have a rainbow pouch with sable and white Alice in it. She is wearing a purple service dog harness. Brad is wearing white pants, a red shirt, a red and white striped blazer, a red and blue hat, and a donkey brooch.

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