First haircut in 13 years

The last time I got a haircut was when Ollie was about a year old. That means it was 13 years ago. I haven’t touched my hair since—not even a trim!

Brad’s mom saw my new rainbow wig on me and told me she liked the length. I said I liked it too, and we got to talking, and the next thing I knew, she had set up a hairdresser appointment for me with her hairdresser!

This all happened last week, but I didn’t share because I wanted to surprise everyone at the convention with my shorter hair!

I took Hestia with me, since we were leaving the next day for our convention and I didn’t want to overly stress Alice. Hestia was great! I put her on my lap underneath the cape and she moved around a little like she was wondering why she couldn’t see. But when I told her to stay, she just stayed put underneath the cape.

In the end, she cut a little over a foot of hair off! I am donating the cut part to Locks of Love.

I really love my new haircut! The general style is the same—parted in the middle and somewhere between wavy and curly brown hair. Before my hair was down past my boobs. Now it is above my shoulders!

It was perfect to do this before the convention, too, because of how much easier shorter hair is. With long hair I was constantly getting it caught in Alice’s sling, in leashes, and it was falling in my face when I bent over to train. With short hair, these things were a breeze!

Unfortunately only two people at the convention noticed my new haircut, so it wasn’t quite the surprise I was hoping it was. Shoutout to Chris and Linden for noticing!!!

Brad got a picture of me before my hair cut, and then a few after sporting my new do. One of them has my cut-hair-ponytail in it, too!

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