Brad at the cardiologist 3

Brad had his cardiology appointment today. I took Alice since my left arm is still sore and Hestia’s still getting the hang of walking on my right, whereas I can carry Alice easily.

Lots of people commented on how cute Alice was. It got a little tiring! Alice did great in the waiting room. I had her in the pouch, and she just hung out while I read more Terry Pratchett.

When they called us to go back to the room, for some reason Alice got scared going through the hallways and getting into the room. Once Brad reminded me to pet her, she calmed down very quickly, though. I still have that fear of touching my dog sometimes—like if people see me touching my dog they might think I am a faker 🙁 But it calmed both of us down.

They did an EKG on Brad which was normal, and then the doctor came in. He diagnosed Brad with POTS which stands for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. It basically means that when Brad stands up, his heart rate increases a ton. The doctor said that he thinks probably nothing serious is going on underlying this, that instead it’s a factor of Brad’s ME/CFS and being in a wheelchair so much of the time.

He did schedule an echo test of Brad’s heart and a heart monitor that Brad will wear for 48 hours. Both of those things will happen after our trip.

He said in the meantime to eat lots of salty food, drink plenty of water, and get some compression stockings. Brad is hoping they either have really fun compression stockings or else he can get compression leg warmers so he can still wear his really fun wool socks.

Thankfully that’s the end of our medical appointments for the next two weeks!

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