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Yesterday I had my first session of physical therapy for my foot. I have been using the wheelchair most of the time around the house, so I used that to get into the building as well.

Since I have a very hard time pushing myself outside on uneven surfaces, Brad towed me behind his chair using the umbrella. This worked OK, until we came to a dip in the pavement for a curb cut. I went flying down the hill and ran into the back of his wheelchair, making it go sideways! Oops!

Anyway, luckily everyone at PT was very happy to see Hestia and we had zero access challenges.

They didn’t let Brad come back to the gym with me due to COVID protocols, so Hestia and I braved it alone.

As I’m wheeling back to the gym area with the physical therapist, she asked me “So, are you using any mobility aids to help with your foot?” I was like, “Um, the wheelchair?” LOLOLOL! She said she meant things like crutches or canes. I said no, that I hadn’t thought of doing that.

So we sat down and did our assessment. She says my range of motion and strength in my ankles and feet are good. We did some exercises together, and she taught me some exercises to do on my own at home. Then she got out these really awesome gel ice things that are like a donut around your foot! I am supposed to exercise and then ice my feet twice a day.

She said for the next few days, continue to use the wheelchair, but when I do walk, I should use a crutch in my left arm to support my right foot. Then I can gradually start using it more after that.

She also told me that discomfort is OK, but pain is not. That was something I was curious about and had been avoiding even discomfort.

Hestia did a great job the whole assessment! I was seated on an exercise table the whole time, so Hestia just stayed on my lap and licked me when I was anxious.

Brad was outside the gym, but he did manage to get a picture of us from through the glass in the door to the gym. In it, I have a pink top and Japanese Chin leggings on. Hestia is wearing a purple vest, and the physical therapist is observing me do some foot exercises.

Afterward we stopped by to pick up dog food and groceries. I love online ordering with curbside pickup!

So far after doing the exercises for a day and using the crutch when I do walk, my foot is feeling in less pain! So that’s great. I’m really feeling good about this.

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