A busy morning

We were super busy this morning! We went to the vet twice, to the UPS store, and grocery shopping, all before noon!

When Alice was being boarded last weekend during the convention, she was having issues eating (pretty normal for her). My trainer’s daughter and son-in-law are vets, and they took a look at her. They wondered if she might have a liver shunt that might be causing her small appetite. So I had scheduled a bile acid test for her liver for Friday morning.

Additionally, Thursday night Alice started coughing at 11PM. She sounded like she had something stuck in her throat, and she was coughing intermittently all night. I was so worried about her that I didn’t sleep a wink and instead lay there with my hand underneath her so I could feel her breathing.

About 30 min before we left for the vet, at 7AM, she stopped coughing. But I still told the vet about it and asked them to look her over for it as well just to be safe.

So we got to the vet at 8AM. They drew some blood, then I got her to eat as much as I could. We left her there, because she needed to wait 2 hours for more blood to be drawn for the test. They also wanted to do an X-ray on her to see if she had any pneumonia or anything causing the cough (she never once coughed after 7AM).

We left the vet and headed to the UPS store to drop off an Amazon return. Then we headed to Earth Fare, the hippie grocery store. Brad’s salsa and several other items were on sale, and we wanted to stock up as well as getting some sandwich supplies since I can’t cook with my boot on.

Luckily they had an electric cart available, so I was able to use that in the store. Hestia rode on my lap, and loved it!!! She really likes being the princess riding on laps of people in motorized chairs! Brad got a great picture of us in the produce section, I’ll post it at the end.

I got a few treats for myself that were on sale—some Dr. Bronner’s chocolate that’s sweetened with coconut sugar, some kettle chips, and some queso! We filled half the cart up with Brad’s favorite salsa because it was on super sale and this is the only store in the area that sells his favorite flavor.

When we got home, we only had about 15 minutes to unload everything before we had to head back out to pick up little Alice. It was a tight turnaround! Luckily we got everything unloaded and had about 5 minutes to rest.

When we got to the vet, we learned that they created a service dog discount just for us!!!!! I LOVE this vet! They were so kind about it, and it really helped a lot because they had to do the bile acid test, full bloodwork, and X-rays. Apparently Alice spent most of her time there being held by the staff at the front desk and being fawned over LOL! So she wasn’t any the worse for wear.

They did need a pee sample, so I took her outside and a tech followed me around with a little tray to shove underneath Alice when she peed. It was so funny! Luckily they got their sample, and we were on our way home.

They are going to call me in a couple of days with all the test results.

What an eventful morning! Luckily we can relax the rest of the day!

Below is the picture Brad took using my iPhone of me wearing my pink bird dress and a pink daisy mask sitting in the electric cart. I have only a few things in my cart, as we are in the produce section at the start of the store. Hestia, a small white and black Japanese Chin wearing a purple service dog vest, sits on my lap. My black boot on my lower leg blends in with the black bottom of the produce display. Oh, and you can see my temporary tattoo from the convention of a dog paw on my upper arm.

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