Being colorful doesn’t always interrupt ableism 1

This morning we dropped Alice off at daycare for the first time, and on the way home we stopped by Publix. It was the first time Hestia has worked wearing her new purple harness, and she did a great job! She was practically perfect! She tried to sniff once in the store, but other than that she was in a great heel (albeit a slow one, I had to walk slower than usual), and ignored everything!

I walked Hestia a bit before going into the store, and we got some pictures of Brad and me in our matching colorful outfits! I am wearing a mermaid dress that is turquoise, pink, purple, and blue. Brad is wearing an outfit almost entirely consisting of turquoise (pants, shirt, and scarf) and pink (blazer, tie). He has rainbow shoes and an ice cream float pin with the same turquoise and pink!

There was a sale on SunGold Kiwis, which taste like candy, but they were not out on display. While an employee went to the back to look for them, I was hanging out and taking pictures of Hestia. A woman came over to me and asked me how I got Brad in and out of our van.

I replied that she should ask him. She asked me again, telling me her husband recently got a spinal cord injury. I said again that Brad would know best, so she should ask him.

She asked me a third time how I got him in and out of the van, so I said “he can speak for himself”. And then she asked me a FOURTH time!!!! I said again that she should really ask Brad. Finally she did go over and ask him.

The lady seemed like a normal person who just doesn’t think that people in wheelchairs are people you can interact with or something. Even with Brad’s super awesome outfit, she still saw him as a thing and not as a person 🙁

The rest of the trip in the store was pretty uneventful. We got everything we needed, and one thing we didn’t need—individually bottled mango margaritas (they were on sale!). Actually everything we got except my yogurt and Brad’s salsa was on sale. That’s the only reason we go to Publix, when things we want are on sale.

Enjoy the pictures!

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One thought on “Being colorful doesn’t always interrupt ableism

  • Danny & Sheldon

    We get that a lot when Evan and I are out with Sheldon. People will ask Evan questions about me and Evan always tells them they can ask me, as I can speak for myself. The funny thing is, I’m much more outgoing and talkative than Evan, who would rather just be left alone. Most of the time, I would happily talk to a stranger for a long time, while Evan just wants to avoid people and get on with life. It’s hard for him to get interrupted all the time when we go out.

    Sorry that happened to you, Brad and Veronica! People are weird.