Golden Chin puppy meetup

My friend Barbara has a Golden Retriever puppy that is two days younger than little Alice! Yesterday we met up at the ACE hardware store for the first time.

We got there first, and several people petted Alice. She likes getting attention from people, which I like. I may have to sometime soon start working on her ignoring people a little more, but for now I want her to meet more people of all types.

Alice isn’t afraid even when people reach over her head to pet her!

There was an explosion of activity when Tikki arrived! Tikki is a lot more energetic than Alice! She was very excited to be in the store and see people and things.

In this funny shot, Alice looks at the camera like she’s not sure what’s going on as Tikki enters the store in the background.

We tried to walk around the store with Alice walking in front, but Alice was more interested in stopping and staring at everything, especially Tikki! She really liked Tikki, even though they never actually got to meet due to safety reasons of their sizes and energy levels.

Simultaneous treating of both Alice and Tikki in the store!

So around the paint shaker section (with paints being shaken and no dog caring!), we switched and Tikki went in front. This motivated Alice to try to keep up with Tikki.

Taken from almost Alice height, this picture shows Alice walking next to Veronica, looking at Tikki and Barbara ahead of them.

Tikki calmed down some after being in the store a bit, and we were able to complete a loop around the store.

Barbara and Tikki walking on a loose leash.

Alice had a challenge when she encountered a floor tile that was a different color than the others. She was worried about it, so we stopped to do some training and in no time she was walking on it confidently!

Alice checks out the differently colored floor tile.

The dogs walked down some narrow and some wide aisles, and aisles filled with strange things like pipes and such. They did a good job! Alice didn’t pull at all, and she was overall really really great. I wish she wouldn’t take quite so much time observing before she decides to do something, but when she decides to do something she does it without fear, so that’s good.

Alice rounds a corner, completely unfazed by the shiny metal pipe sticking out into the aisle.

After being in the store, we headed to a shady grassy strip near the road to potty the pups. Alice enjoyed being a good poser for pictures on a curb!

Alice poses with her front paws up on a curb.

Brad got some good pictures! Alice is a tiny sable and white Chin puppy. I have my hair in a ponytail and am wearing a dress with green and pink leaves. Barbara has a pink shirt on. Tikki is a Golden puppy. Brad has on white butterfly shoes, white pants with grey stripes, a white shirt, a silver vest, a dark scarf and tie, and a white hat.

There are several pics of Alice meeting people, and lots of close ups of Alice. There are some great ones of Tikki and Barbara walking together. There are pictures from outside afterwards of Alice stepping up on a curb. Then there’s a series of sepia-tinted photographs of Brad modeling his outfit.

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