Dr. Lapp dogs

Last Wednesday Brad had his annual appointment with his ME/CFS specialist, Dr. Lapp. I had called ahead and asked if I could bring Alice, and they were happy to get to meet her 🙂

I decided to pouch Alice for the appointment, and she was so good! She actually slept in the pouch for most of the appointment, while Hestia sat on my lap. It was perfectly comfortable having Alice in the pouch and Hestia on my lap, and Alice seemed to be really comfy, too.

I think Alice was more comfortable sleeping in the pouch than on my lap because I tend to cross and uncross my legs a lot and move around. In the pouch, she was hardly jostled at all, whereas if she were on my lap she’d be moved around a bit.

The doctor had no new information on any treatments or anything, but spent a while talking with us about Brad’s condition in the last year and taking notes.

Brad grabbed a quick photo of me with the pups right as Dr. Lapp entered the room, and we were going to take a photo of Brad on the way out but Brad was just too exhausted. So you only get to see me and the pups.

In the picture, my hair is in a ponytail and I’m wearing a purple dress and galaxy mask. I am sitting down with Hestia, a black and white Chin wearing a galaxy vest, on my lap. I have a rainbow pouch over my shoulder and tiny sable and white Alice is peeking her head up out of it. I am turned to talk with Dr. Lapp, an older gentleman wearing a plaid shirt, as he walks into the office.

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