Double Chin lap nap at the van man

Today we had to take our van in to get a hinge replaced on the ramp. They are pet friendly, and last time we were there to get the ramp checked, they encouraged us to bring Alice.

I carried her into the building, and we went to sit in the back in the waiting area. They have a TV there and some nice chairs.

For the first time, I tried out having both Hestia and Alice on my lap somewhere they couldn’t easily get off like a couch. I wasn’t sure how it would go since my lap is only so big! But it went great!

Veronica sitting in a grey chair with Alice, Hestia, and a rainbow unicorn sloth toy on her lap.

Brad got pics at the beginning of them both sitting in my lap. Sitting worked great, as they each took one leg to sit on.

We were there a while, though, so eventually they relaxed more and ended up lying down. Hestia lay across my lap, and Alice lay across the top of Hestia! It was soooooo cute! They were both perfectly comfortable like that.

Hestia lies across Veronica’s lap, while Alice snoozes on top of Hestia.

I also got some pics of Brad, too, because he had on such a cool outfit!

Brad demonstrates with his arm that you should look at the BraunAbility sign in the waiting room.

In the pictures, I have long brown wavy hair and am wearing a purple dress and galaxy mask. Alice is a sable and white Chin puppy, and Hestia is a larger black and white Chin. They both have matching blue and purple bandanas on. Brad is wearing orange pants, a blue shirt, a purple blazer, a purple mask, a blue scarf, a tie with orange, purple, and blue, a grey hat, and a brooch that is an orange seahorse with a blue penguin wearing a crown riding him.

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