Pitter-paw outside of blood draw 4

Today Brad had to get some bloodwork done, so Alice and I tagged along for an exposure opportunity!

Close up of Alice’s face.

It was the first time I’ve had her walk down the van ramp instead of being carried. Brad got video of it, and of her walking from the van to the entrance of the lab. She has never been to this place before, so you can see how she is when practicing walking on leash in a new environment.

A tilted photograph of Veronica walking with Alice next to her. Alice is licking her nose.

We had a fun time hanging around! Alice got to practice walking next to me for a while.

Shot through a hole in a garbage can, Brad edited this photo to make a pack of Alices walking with me!

Then she worked on being comfortable around a drain. The pictures we have of the drain she’s still not walking on it, but when Brad went inside for his appointment, I got her to walk on it!

Alice stretching out to reach a treat Veronica is holding over the drain.

She said hi to several people, and really enjoyed it! In fact, she tried to play with them! So I had to end the interaction as I want her to say hi calmly and not jump around and try to play with their hands!

She did try to eat some cigarette butts, but other than that she was great!

Black and white photo of a Chin chin!

When we got home, she zonked out on the couch for a while. It was a good session!

In the pictures and video, I am wearing a galaxy dress. Alice is a small sable and white Chin puppy. Some of my favorite pictures include an edited photo where Brad took many pictures of Alice and put them all in one so it looks like I am surrounded by a pack of Alices! There’s another Brad took of an electrical box that he put my arms on so it looks like a humanoid robot. Brad got several close up shots of Alice’s face, including one black and white one of a Chin chin.

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