Not the vet for us 1

Today we went to the vet to get Alice’s 2nd round of shots. Since we had such bad experiences with the vet staff at our regular vet, we decided to try a new vet based off of recommendations.

Our initial impression was very good! Wide doorways, and lots of individual cubicles for animal families to use in the waiting room. They had a cat in the waiting area, and though Alice didn’t interact with it, at least she got to see a cat!

Alice and Veronica sit in a cubicle in the waiting room.

We got to the exam room, and the vet came in. On the plus side, he seemed like a very nice guy.

However, we started to notice pretty quickly that he wasn’t the vet for us.

Right off the bat he started off on the wrong foot, asking me if Brad was my son!!!! I didn’t think I looked that old! He then asked intrusive questions about Brad’s disability.

Brad and Alice in front of the Lesslie Animal Hospital sign

He was very gentle with Alice, and complimented her personality a lot, which was great. He also knew the history of Chin, which was a nice surprise.

But then we were discussing shots, and he kept thinking Alice was 9 weeks old based on the birthday I provided when I signed in. I had to physically get out my phone calendar, show it to him, and count off the weeks with him for him to agree that she was 12 weeks old.

The vet looks into Alice’s eye with a light and a magnifying tool

He gave Alice the Bordetella vaccine without asking me first whether I wanted her to get it (not every dog needs/gets this). I would’ve gotten it anyway since Alice is going to be at daycare next week, but still I like to have a discussion and not the vet just do whatever without telling me what they’re doing!

Then he said he needed to see her back in three weeks for her next shots, and then in 3 weeks after that for another round of shots. I disagreed and said I thought shots were every 4 weeks and that she’d be done at 16 weeks. He insisted that every vet in Rock Hill agrees that shots should be done every 3 weeks. Which is not true, I know!

Alice getting her shot, she was such a good girl!

The straw that broke the camel’s back was that without seeing the results of any fecal, he told me that all puppies have round worm and hook worm and so need deworming. And he proceeded to give me a tapeworm medication… Ugh. My breeder has no fleas, I have no fleas, she doesn’t have tapeworm, there’s no evidence of it. Needless to say I passed on that.

I guess we will be going back to my old vet where at least the vets were great even though the office staff has some serious problems. Oh well.

Alice gets some chicken after her shot.

Oh and in the waiting room while we were waiting for a stool sample jar (included in exam cost, so I’ll drop that off tomorrow), a Toy Poodle came in and the owner was at the desk checking in and let the poodle go to the max length on its flexi leash (not watching), which was almost inside of our little cubicle thing!

Poor Alice is very sore now! We have to be very very careful picking her up. I hope she feels better soon!

In the pictures, I have brown wavy hair and am wearing a galaxy dress and mask. Alice is a tiny sable and white Chin puppy with a very smushed nose. Brad is wearing lime green pants, a white shirt, a red and white striped blazer, a green tie, a red scarf, a red hat, and a mask with red tulips on it. The pictures show us in the waiting room, and then the vet interacting with her (checking her eyes and ears and giving shots), and one final pic of the Toy Poodle in the waiting room.

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One thought on “Not the vet for us

  • BW

    I don’t think the issue is that you look old, i think it’s that with the way he’s dressed, the hat, and the face mask, Brad looks like he could be SUPER young. With most of his face covered (face mask and glasses) it’s really hard to tell how old he is. I don’t know how old you are, but I know that I’M personally old enough that I could have a teenage son. I say laugh this one off, and either keep looking for a new vet, or discuss the issues you had with your old vet.