Puppy people-watching outside the store

Yesterday we had to run to Publix because my favorite hummus was on sale. Brad went inside to get hummus, and I stayed outside with Alice to train! Hestia was also being trained—to stay at home in her crate with a kong.

We picked a spot in the shade next to the door. Alice sniffed around a little, and then she just plopped down and people-watched. She was not bothered in the least by all the people and carts whizzing by.

Veronica stands by smiling, Alice lies down in the shade, and a woman walks past. Alice’s body is perfectly framed between the woman’s legs.

Lots of people stopped to talk with us! We saw a friend from dog training class, whom I let hold Alice. Many people asked her breed. I think one person even asked what species she was LOL!

Then there was one lady who came and bent over Alice and reached out her arm to pet her. I didn’t want to freak Alice out by giant people looming over her and petting, so I blocked the lady’s hand and told her we weren’t ready for that. The lady withdrew her hand, but stayed bent over, looming over Alice. I asked her three times not to lean over Alice (who didn’t care at all, BTW), but the lady didn’t get it. So I finally picked Alice up.

Alice walks on a cool pack and investigates it while Veronica’s hand comes out to block a woman from petting.

While we were there, lots of noisy cars and trucks passed by us! Two cars with VERY loud mufflers went by, a motorcycle, several large trucks, and even one semi truck! Alice didn’t care at all about any of them. She basically just hangs out and watches things calmly!

Brad was in the store about 15 minutes, and then came outside for the last 5 minutes to take pictures of our adventure.

Alice hangs out as a semi truck drives behind her.

Alice did great, and when we got home, Hestia had done great, too!

In the pictures, Alice is a tiny sable and white Chin puppy. I am a large woman in a blue dress with red and white flowers. There are lots of pictures of Alice hanging out while people and carts go past. Also there are some great close-ups of Alice. Finally there are pictures of Alice lying down as the semi-truck drives by the road next to her.

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