Misdirected to mall pictures

Brad got the pictures edited from our Service Dogs on the Town class on Tuesday! This is the one described in this entry: http://www.doctorv.xyz/2021/07/09/misdirected-to-mall/ . To make a long story short, we waited for the bus as had been pre-arranged with the bus company. But the bus didn’t stop for us, saying that we were too far from the bus stop and they didn’t know we wanted to board. So we went to the mall, and then to Panera.

The pictures start out with us waiting at the bus stop, and you can clearly see we are only about 3 feet from the sign on the sidewalk for wheelchair accessibility. Brad got some really good shots of Hestia standing in the grass with the wind blowing her hair.

There are some great shots of us walking across the empty parking lot to the mall. Several pictures depict SD teams walking past each other, and stopping to chat with each other as we worked on dog distraction.

There are great pictures in Panera of the dogs in line to order, and waiting as their humans place their orders. In one particularly funny picture, Korra the Standard Poodle is lying down as her mom orders and her tail starts wagging a lot but she doesn’t break her stay as Avalanche the Great Pyrenees mix walks by.

A shot that’s maybe not the best quality shot but I like the story behind it is of me holding two trays of food in Panera with Hestia by my side, bringing them over to our area for people. I am so proud I can do that– it’s really challenging as a SD handler to be able to hold two trays of food with drinks on them and walk across a restaurant with your dog!

Inside Panera there are pictures of the dogs all lying down under the tables (and sometimes Hestia on my lap). Korra apparently likes to put her head on peoples’ feet and we have pictures of her doing it to Scarlet’s feet and my feet!

I am a round woman with brown wavy hair wearing a galaxy dress. Hestia is a small white and black Japanese Chin wearing a galaxy vest.

Barbara is a woman in a tie-dye t-shirt and shorts. Her dog, Tripper, is a Golden wearing a turquoise vest.

Phyllis is wearing a bright orange shirt and has short hair. Her dog, Avalanche, is a Pyrenees mix wearing a blue vest.

Skyler has long blond-red hair and is wearing leggings and a t-shirt. Their dog Korra is a sable Standard Poodle wearing a burgandy and black vest.

Scarlet is wearing insect tights and a navy jumper with flowers. They are in a purple and black wheelchair.

Brad is in a power wheelchair wearing a purple blazer, an orange scarf, and an orange and teal plaid hat.

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