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Yesterday, Brad and I decided to start an Instagram account! We needed an updated picture of the two of us for it, so we decided to go to the park together in the morning for a photo shoot during my morning walk. Then we found out that my favorite Siete brand Churro Strips (they taste like Churros but are naturally sweetened and gluten free!) were on sale at Earth Fare. So we decided to go there next. We were talking with our friend Scarlet, and they needed more melatonin from the CVS right next to Earth Fare, so we decided to invite them along, too!

We picked Scarlet up at 9AM and headed to Cherry Park. We started off taking pictures with Brad’s tripod in front of a large rock. We got some of Brad and me, then Scarlet came into the pictures for some really fun pictures!

Next we headed for our walk, which was a lot of fun! Cherry Park is mostly flat, so it was easier than our last walk at Riverwalk to push Scarlet, and it is shaded so that was better, too. Brad explained a lot of photography stuff to us along the walk, and we passed several dogs, too!

Hestia was wonderful! I’ve been working on her “with me” command which means she moves in closer to me as we walk past people. She did it really well as we passed people! We did stop for dogs to pass us since it is hard to train and push a wheelchair, and she did excellently for ignoring dogs, too.

Near the end of the walk, we found some hedges that were flowering and wanted to know what they were, so I got out my iNaturalist app which identifies plants, animals, and insects based on photographs! We found they were wax-leaved privets and identified a few other plants around, too. Scarlet likes the app a lot, too!

Next we headed to Earth Fare! Scarlet pushed themselves in their wheelchair, so I pushed a cart and trained Hestia. Hestia was AMAZING!!!!! I was so so proud of her! She was heeling really nicely and not sniffing, which is tough for her in that store.

They gave us free samples from the juice bar, and we got LOTS and lots of Siete brand chips– they have a Ranch and Nacho flavor as well as a few others and they’re all dairy free, sugar free, gluten free!

We had to rush a little around the store near the end because I had an appointment at 11:30. But we did get everything we needed, which was great!

Since we were running so late, I pushed Scarlet over to CVS while Brad loaded the groceries and drove over. We were in and out of that store SO fast! We found the melatonin and they were BOGO! The only problem we had was we chose an aisle with a pole in it to walk back to the register, and the aisle space couldn’t fit a wheelchair through so we had to back up.

By the time we were exiting CVS, Brad was just exiting the car and coming in! So we rushed back, dropped Scarlet off, and came home JUST in time for my meeting.

Whew, what a whirlwind of a day! It was a lot of fun, and I am so proud of Hestia’s wonderful behavior. It was a lot of activity, especially for being planned all at the last minute!

Now that we are home and the pictures are edited, Brad has created our instagram account! You can see it at .

Pictures are below. I am a woman with long brown wavy hair wearing a dress with pink and green palm fronds on it. Hestia is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes. Scarlet is wearing black leggings and a black Steven King t-shirt with a black baseball cap with a rainbow on it. Brad is a bearded man wearing white pants, a light pink shirt, a turquoise tie with pink and purple flowers, a purple scarf, a hot pink blazer, a pink and purple fedora, and rainbow shoes.

The first several pictures are of us posing in front of a large rock, then there are pictures of me pushing Scarlet on the walk, pictures of Brad, and pictures of us using the iNaturalist app.

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