The hair of my Chin 1

Yesterday my breeder sent me pictures of all the puppies! It is looking most likely that if I get a puppy, it will be one of Cheeks’. Annie’s puppies both look so exceptional that my breeder is thinking of keeping both of them to breed. Lucy’s puppy might not be a good fit for me. So Cheeks it might be, but we’ll see if they have the right personality for service work.

I got pictures of all five puppies, though! I’ll put them in order of Cheeks’ girls first, then Annie’s girl and boy, and last Lucy’s boy.

Cheeks’ girl nicknamed Dot because of the dot in the middle of her forehead.
Cheeks’ girl with a clown face who is nicknamed Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn is on the left, and Dot on the right. You can tell the difference because Harley is a sable and you can see the brown in her coat color.
Annie’s boy, who is a sable as well!
Annie’s boy from the side.
Annie’s boy from the back.
Annie’s girl from the front.
Another shot of Annie’s girl.
Lucy’s boy.

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