Dentist and chair repair

Today we went to the dentist and had the wheelchair repair technician out.

We went to the dentist in the morning, and they were really great. We told them ahead of time that Brad can’t sit in his loaner wheelchair for long because it’s difficult to breathe in it, so as soon as we walked in the door they were ready to get him back into the dental chair.

I filled out some paperwork and waited my turn. I got a few selfies of Hestia and me in the waiting room, she gave some really really funny faces to the camera! She looks like she’s astonished someone is daring to snap a picture of her highness LOL!

Then it was my turn. Hestia was a perfect angel for the cleaning and for the oral exam. My dentist and the hygienist are both very excited about my new puppy, and said that whenever the puppy is ready, they’ll be happy to help with training however they can. My hygienist even said she would be totally happy to have both Hestia and future puppy on me during the cleaning if that helped the puppy learn what to do! I think that might be a wee bit crowded, but we’ll see.

Brad’s teeth were perfect, but I got a chip in my enamel that has led to a cavity, and one of my molars has had a spot that they’ve been watching for a while and it’s time to fill it. So two fillings for me coming up, boo hoo.

We got done at the dentist early (Brad waited in the car with reclining seats while I finished up), and headed home for the wheelchair repair tech.

He arrived and replaced a couple more cables in Brad’s old wheelchair. It is now back to being semi-broken instead of all the way broken! It’s how it was before they attempted to fix it. That means it’s stuck in the elevated position. This is quite difficult for Brad to climb into and out of, and it is in turtle mode which means it goes really slowly. But at least he can actually sit in it comfortably! They aren’t sure what is wrong with it, so the tech is going to ask around and hopefully figure it out.

If we could just get it to go back down, we don’t really need the elevate feature, and we’d be OK with that. But it is stuck up, and I even sat in it to try to get it to go down, but it didn’t.

Below are pictures of Hestia at the dentist, enjoy her highness’s googley affronted astonishment!

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