Service dog handling tips: normal public interactions 2

We finally finished editing and captioning the second video we shot on Christmas Eve!

This video is about how to prepare for normal interactions with the general public. So it’s not about those really stressful unusual interactions, but the kinds of questions we deal with on a daily basis and how to prepare for and handle them.

We only did three short scenarios in this video because we wanted to focus on the explanations before and after the scenarios. However we have plans to do a future video that is full of a variety of scenarios. If you have one you want to see, put it in the comments on my blog here or on my video on youtube.

Happy watching!

Accessibility notes: Captioning is available on youtube. In the video, Hestia is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes. She has on a galaxy themed vest, and is almost always being carried by Veronica. In the third scenario, she’s in a rainbow pouch with “service dog” on the front. Veronica is a white woman with long pink-brown hair who is wearing a bright fuchsia dress with pearls on the sleeves. Brad is a bearded man in a wheelchair that is raised up several inches. He is wearing white pants with grey stripes, a teal shirt with white dots on it, a purple blazer, a white tie with plants on it, a hat of the same material as his pants, and the Elvin brooch from The Lord of the Rings (a large green leaf).

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