Peace and love

Today Hestia and I went to Publix to do some grocery shopping. The masks we ordered haven’t arrived yet, so I used one of Sabrina’s old bandanas which is a peace and love themed bandana. It is very colorful and even sparkly!

Did you know how uncomfortable it is to wear a bandana when you have glasses? It fogs the glasses up almost immediately! The only way to prevent the fogging and so see where I was going was to breathe with my mouth open. Plus it was really hot under there, too. But Brad’s health is worth a little discomfort.

I had a list and did my shopping really quickly at Publix. The biggest disappointment was that they were out of avocados!!! I eat a half an avocado every morning with my breakfast, so now I’m really bummed. No avocados this week 🙁

The chicken was almost all the way gone. I snagged one of the last bags of drumsticks, and drumsticks and pre-marinated chicken was all they had left (can’t feed Ollie marinated chicken!). They also were completely out of both chicken and beef liver! But they had beef kidney, which is a great addition to Ollie’s diet so I wasn’t upset.

They were also completely out of anything hotdog like, so no bratwurst this week either.

The reasons I chose Publix were in stock– my flavored seltzer water was half off, so I got six packages of it! My hummus was half off, so six packages of that, too. And a bread I like was half off. I only got two breads, though.

I had wanted to get another frozen meal, as I ate one this week and one last week. I had looked ahead of time on the website to see what they had and picked out a few options so I wouldn’t have to look at ingredients etc at the store. But they didn’t have prices online, and they were soooooo expensive in the store!

So next week I’ll go to Lidl where they have really good frozen meals that are quite cheap.

When I got home, I unloaded all the groceries, washed the produce, sprayed everything else down with alcohol, and cleaned up afterwards. Unfortunately some of the ink on some of the packages don’t like alcohol and so my hands are blue right now. Oh well.

Then I took a shower. I figured better to go to the store dirty and then shower afterwards!

It’s a lot of work to go to the store right now and stay safe, but Brad is definitely worth it. Yes, Brad is even worth going a week without avocados he he he!

I took a selfie of Hestia and me at the store with my Bandana on. I had my phone out for my grocery list and I sanitized it afterward, don’t worry! Hestia is a white and black dog with a smushed nose. I am a woman with brown hair and small round turquoise glasses. I have a mostly pink and purple themed but with every other color possible in there too bandana around my face with the word “love” and peace signs and flowers all over it.

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