Delicious Dish

Today I saw the nutritionist again! It was a great visit.

Between last visit and today’s visit, I have gained 1 lb. I gained 2 lbs the first week, and then have slowly lost 1 lb since then. I asked her about it, and she said my body is still adjusting to the increased amount of food. I am eating a LOT more than I used to eat, 1500 calories a day is my new diet. I showed her pictures of what all I’m eating, and she said it all looked very good.

We talked about how to read nutrition labels, about proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. It turns out that the only thing I knew about getting good amounts of vitamins and minerals– eating colorful veggies– was the most important thing!

We also dished about some interesting facts about fruits and veggies. Like the fact that corn is a grass. We talked about selective breeding of varieties of plants, and about polyploidy (when a plant has more than 2 copies of each chromosome). It was a LOT of fun!

She likes to schedule us as the last appointment of the day so that we can run late talking about all kinds of interesting stuff like that. So our appointment ended up being 1.5 hours long instead of 1 hour long! But the time just flew by. I really really like her.

After the appointment, we went to Earth Fare to do some grocery shopping. Hestia was pretty good in the store, despite trying to play with a few things on the floor! I only needed to give her 1 treat the whole time we were in the store. We got lots of yummy food and headed home, where we are totally exhausted!

I see her again next month, and hopefully I’ll have dropped some weight by then!

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