Pretty good Hestia

No pictures today, but I did want to share that we did a few errands today.  We had an appointment with my psych nurse, went to the pharmacy to drop off prescriptions, stopped by Sam’s, and stopped by Staples.  

Hestia was pretty darn good in Sam’s (and the other places).  Not great, but pretty good.  She was a little more sniffy than I would have liked, so I did have to say leave it more often.  But usually it only took one leave-it for her to stop trying to investigate.

The exception (which I am actually kinda proud of) is that one of the sample people was giving out bacon.  Yes, there were bacon pieces on the ground.  I had to stop to get zucchini and squash curls right next to a big chunk of bacon on the floor.  I had to say leave-it twice (and she strained at the leash a bit), but then she left it– and then we had to walk right past it with a loose leash and she didn’t even try to investigate!  So even though I had to tell her leave-it twice, I do think she did a pretty good job leaving a chunk of bacon.

In other news, today was day five of me walking, and I took both Ollie and Hestia. They had to wear their coats as it is freezing here, so regular collar on Ollie again. We had to pass a dog behind a fence that was barking, and Ollie just whined a little bit, and then stayed in a kinda far away heel. He looked back and forth between me and the dog a few times, and then before we were out of sight he ignored the dog and went on doing his regular Ollie things!

I don’t have to see my nurse practitioner for two months! It is nice to be doing so well! My depression and mania is pretty much nonexistent. My anxiety is low for me (only usually one panic attack a day), too! Yay!

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