Hestia-focused day 2

Today was a Hestia-focused day. Of course there were the usual morning snuggles while waiting for Brad to wake up.

I spent some time fantasizing about a galaxy fabric themed vest for her (black background with stars and purple and blue nebulas), and then thought that it would be super cool if we matched! So I found some galaxy fabric leggings and added them to my wishlist, too. Because what service dog team isn’t enhanced by matching outfits?!

Then after we woke Brad up and spent some time with him, I took Hestia on a really long walk. We walked up and down every single street in our neighborhood! It is finally cool enough to do stuff like that and not end up a sweaty mess for me, and not end up overheating for her.

At dinner time, she and Ollie usually get their food at the same time but she finishes earlier than Ollie. Usually I toss some kibbles around the room for her to search out to keep her occupied while Ollie finishes. But today I decided to train!

We worked a lot on heeling! We worked on heeling through really narrow places like in the bathrooms and closets. And we worked on getting into heel position when I make a 90 degree turn while staying stationary. This is advanced stuff, and she loved it! I also worked on stays and finished off with her favorite, the spin. It was a lot of fun!

When I sat down and ate my dessert (yum, dates!) she settled in next to me, so I got a couple of pictures. She is a black and white dog with a smushed nose. She has black over one eye, and white over the other, and her ears and long ear hair are black. Oh, and that small horny protrusion on her nose fell off this week! Yay!

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