Music with Doc and Dan

Today I got to hang out with Doc and Dan! First I picked up Doc and we went swimming. We did 10 laps, which is great for us. We picked up Dan and went to a burger place for lunch, yum.

After lunch, we went back to Doc’s place. I brought my violin, and Doc got out his sax. Doc had some music that we could play together, a song called Pavane in a jazz arrangement. It was in a key with a lot of flats, which is different for me, but I was able to sight read it pretty well. Dan took a video of us playing it! Remember that this is the very first time we have played together, and the song is new to us both!

After this, Doc got out some blues music. I have always been kinda terrified to try to play blues, but he explained to me how it worked. Doc showed me a head (the melody that you repeat) to a song, and we played it together, too! It was loads of fun, but unfortunately he played that with his alto sax which was not quite in tune with my violin. So in two weeks when we play again, we’ll make sure we’re in tune and record that 🙂

It was a lot of fun to hang out with Dan and Doc today, and I look forward to our weekly time always! Can’t wait for next week!

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