Hanging with the bros

Today I met up with my friends Doc and Dan! First I picked Doc up and we went swimming. I was really tired (I don’t normally get up that early!) so I was lagging a lot. Doc helped cure me of that by allowing me to hold one of his guinea pigs!

Then we went to the Y. The women’s change room was closed for repairs, so I had to use the girl’s change room. I do not like this change room! It is much smaller, and the lockers are near the door, so if someone came in while I was changing, others outside the bathroom could see! It was not a very comfortable position!

The pool was cold, but we had fun. I swam 6 laps, and Doc did 7! Next time I might shoot for 7, but I was still pretty tired from it being the morning and all.

We went to pick up Dan, and along the way, Doc explained his PhD research to me. Even though Doc was a chemical engineer and I was a molecular ecologist, our projects were somewhat related (Doc and I have SO MUCH in common it is scary!).

We picked up Dan and went to IHOP for lunch. I had a burger without the bun, it was very tasty! Over lunch I explained my PhD research to Dan and Doc. I am pretty good at explaining it so that non-scientists can understand– is this something y’all might want to see in a future blog entry?

Lunch was a lot of fun, and afterwards we came to my house to play Wii! Doc already had a mii character on our Wii, but Brad helped Dan set one up. Then we played the sword fighting segment of Wii Sports Resort, and it was awesome! Dan is the master of the sword!

Eventually I had to drive Doc and Dan home. I leave Hestia behind when going swimming because she doesn’t like me to be in the water. But since we stopped by my house, I could take her with me to drive Dan and Doc home. This meant I could deal with more traffic, so we got to hang out a little bit longer.

I am very lucky to have such good friends so close by! I just wish I had more energy to hang out with them more! They are like my brothers.

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