Happy rainbow alpaca day! 3

Today I went out to the mailbox to get the mail and found a small package there with my name on it! At first I thought it must have been something Brad ordered, but then I double checked and it was my name on the package!

So I took the package back to the bedroom and opened it with Brad and the pups. It is a rainbow alpaca!!!!!! I have a secret admirer! Whoever sent me the alpaca must have read my blog entry from last week where I saw a rainbow alpaca I wanted in 5 Below! This made me feel very special, and I laughed a lot.

Immediately I set up a photo shoot with Ollie, Hestia, and rainbow alpaca! It worked well at first, when I put the alpaca in front of Ollie. But Ollie got bored, so I tried to get some pictures with just Hestia and the alpaca. Well, that didn’t work! The rainbow alpaca has a not so secret admirer in Hestia— who thinks rainbow alpaca is a toy for her! So to save rainbow alpaca, I ended the photo shoot a bit early. But I did get three pictures! Enjoy, and thanks again to whomever sent me the rainbow alpaca! It made today extra special!

Image description for all three photos: Ollie, a large silver standard poodle is in need of a haircut and lying down on a red and yellow comforter in a purple room with Dali posters in the background. Hestia, a small black and white fluffy dog lies next to him. A small rainbow alpaca is nestled between Ollie’s front legs. The pictures are three pictures from three different angles.

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