30 min and Three Musketeers 4

I’ve had a really good day today.  I’ve been struggling a bit lately, and we weren’t able to do our weekly swimming last week.  So we did it today!  I went swimming with my friend CJ (who now knows how to sign his name in sign language).  We started doing this a month or two ago, and we had to take lots of breaks during our swimming sessions.  Today we swam pretty much non-stop for 30 min!  It was great!  I am so proud of myself for getting back in shape.  It is really good for me, and feels good, too.  Plus it’s fun to have a buddy along swimming right beside me.

After swimming we went to pick up our friend Dan.  The three of us are the Three Musketeers (without the weapons).  Alternatively we could be Harry, Ron, and Hermione in Harry Potter.  We have a great time together, and we went out to lunch where I obeyed all of my dietary restrictions!  I was very very proud of myself for that.

CJ and Dan function as my service humans when I’m without Hestia.  It is great, I know they will take care of me if anything happens.  I miss Hestia when I’m out without her, but I think regular separation is good for us, as she is getting much less bothered when I leave.

We had a great time talking!  CJ is like me in that he also has a PhD, so we got to talk science some.  We may do some chemistry experiments together soon, I can’t wait!  

I also talked about my difficulty listening to academic things anymore as I am feeling the old lab guilt that I should still be doing that stuff.  I can’t enjoy TED talks for that reason.

So all in all it has been a good day for me!  30 min of swimming, and hanging out with CJ and Dan.  Lots of fun!  

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