Quick trip to Earth Fare

Yesterday it was Brad’s cousin Tam’s birthday!  We had a lot of fun celebrating it, but Brad pushed himself too far what with going out and all the DOT stuff he is dealing with.  Last night he was so weak he couldn’t even talk and could hardly eat.

So I knew that today if I wanted to go to the grocery store it would have to be just Hestia and me.  We didn’t need  much, mostly yogurt and salad dressing and lara bars (I like the chocolate chip cookie dough ones for desserts, they are a pretty healthy dessert!).

I saw gummy candies on sale, and I thought about getting them, but decided not to.  Then I saw dried mango, but it wasn’t on sale and would have been $8 for like 4 servings!  So I didn’t get that either.  When I got home Brad was very proud of me for sticking to the list and not getting sucked up by the sweet stuff!

I got a picture of Hestia in front of a display of wine.  I took a bunch of pictures, and there are others that are much more better composed than this one (for my blind and low vision friends, the picture is crooked), but they were all out of focus!  Picture shows small black and white dog in a red and black mesh vest in front of a display of wine bottles in the freezer aisle.

Crooked picture of Hestia in front of a wine display

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