Water aerobics 2

Today we went to the YMCA for a low-impact water aerobics class.  Brad and Hestia came with me.  I have been practicing with Hestia on staying in her crate and quiet for longer and longer periods of time, so I thought she would be fine at the pool, and I just had Brad there to watch her just in case.

Well, the Empress was not pleased and refused her bully stick once I went into the water.  Then after several minutes she barked!  The second or third time she barked, I told Brad he needed to hold her.  She was quieter on his lap, but she tried to keep an eye on me the whole time.  She was laser focused on figuring out where I was!

So I will try either tomorrow or Wednesday to go to the Y all by myself (without Hestia and Brad) and see if I can make it without her for the hour.  Everyone in the class was super nice!  They all welcomed me and wanted to chat while we were exercising.  It was quite fun, I could tell I got a workout, and I think with all the friendly ladies there that if I do have a panic attack, someone will help me.

The class was just at my level (beginners novice lol!), and I was probably the youngest person there aside from the teacher!  We spent a lot of time walking in different ways across the pool, and we even did about 15 min with the noodle.

Now those who know me well know that I am not the most graceful person.  In fact, I can trip over air quite easily.  The noodle was a funny example of that.  The first few exercises we did with the noodle I was able to do– like putting the noodle behind my neck and doing sit-ups in the water.

But then we went to do the bicycle, which requires you to put the noodle between your legs like you’re on a horse to float, and then moving your feet like a bicycle.  Well, at least I was amusing to people!  I kept flopping over to one side and getting all tied up in the noodle.  A couple of times the noodle managed to dunk me in the water!  So much for keeping my hair dry!

Overall it was a fun class, and I did get an appropriate workout for my level of fitness.  The same teacher does every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I plan to start attending the class regularly.  I also might go to water yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  All this swimming talk has me excited!  Swimming is my favorite form of exercise.  And once I start getting a little more in shape, I could do the water aerobics class as a warmup, and then swim a few laps.

Brad was too busy with Hestia and reading his book to take many pictures.  In fact, he just took two, and only one of those turned out well enough to publish.  In it, you can see me wearing a blue swim suit with blue googles in the middle of the pool, surrounded by older ladies working out with me.  Fun!

Veronica in the middle of the pool wearing a blue swimsuit and blue goggles with her hair in a bun.  There are several older ladies clustered around working out, too.

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2 thoughts on “Water aerobics

  • Tami Hilbert

    That sounds like so much fun. I would of had a great time just watching you and your antics.
    Hestia’s like Chili, He thinks he has to be within arms length of me all the time. He thinks I can’t be trusted on my own. And of coarse he is right.
    Miss you guys !!!!