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Today was a very busy day, but we still had time for a heeling video!  We finished up our Wellness Recovery Action Plan!  It was great to get that done, and I learned a lot doing it.  But it takes time!  And then I had to stop by Brad’s aunt’s house to pick up kombucha!  I had a chat scheduled at 6 so I figured if I left at 4:45 I would get to my aunts house around 5, spend 15 min bottling the kombucha, and get home just in time for chat.  Well…….. I forgot about traffic!

Anyway, eventually I got home and I was totally wiped out.  I had missed training for a minute at 4PM because we were doing WRAP stuff then.  So instead after dinner and after we had both had a chance to relax, Brad made a video of us practicing heel position around the house.

I tried REALLY hard to make it a short video.  I was going for 1  minute, but it ended up being 3 minutes.  In it I practice getting into heel position, and we do a couple of 1-2-3 step training exercises.  I learned that putting the kong stuff on my finger and using a lotus hand or pocket hand to deliver it fixed her rear end going out when I was feeding her a treat.  Thanks to Lizzy and Brad for that idea!

I know it might get boring me posting about heeling every day, but my goal is to train heeling and document it every day until April when we have the convention and Hestia is taking the Public Access Test.  So feel free to skip over these heeling posts, unless you are interested in heel work 🙂  I am mostly using them as a way to motivate myself, and see our little progress each step along the way 🙂

So here is the video, enjoy!

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  • Team Blue

    This is really making me want to use that spray cheese…short puppies and all that. Brilliant solution on the cupped hand! 😀