Chin washcloth 1st try 6

After about 5 years away from kitting, I have picked up my needles and some yarn, and did some self-styling to make a washcloth with a Japanese Chin on it.  This is only my first try, and I think that I made the tail too big, and the nose not smushed enough.  I also want to add in another blank row on each side.

I tried giving the Chin a feathery look by alternating stitches on the edges of her fur on her belly and tail, but it doesn’t seem to have worked well anywhere except her belly.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on improving this pattern.  I want to get the perfect Chin washcloth!

Pink knitted washcloth with Japanese Chin on it Pink knitted washcloth with Japanese Chin on it Pink knitted washcloth with Japanese Chin on it

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6 thoughts on “Chin washcloth 1st try

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh I am SO happy you started knitting again!!!!!!

    As far as suggestions I think it is great. You would know better than I how to fix anything you don’t like.

    I treasure the ones you knitted for me. A green one and a blue one with Greyhounds!!!

    When you come to CA I should give you all my yarn! I can’t remember how to knit but have some lovely yarn. Some baby alpaca and such…

    • Veronica Morris Post author

      Thank you! It was a lot of fun to get back into it, I remembered more than I thought I would!

      Ooooooh, loving the yarn, but only if you aren’t going to use it someday. Maybe you will start knitting again too!

      Got to perfect this chin pattern, and then I can start on a sweater.

  • Team Blue

    I need a Dachsador and a Lab/Border Collie blankie or four when you start your Etsy shop! 😀 That is amazing. My mother knits madly, so I understand how much goes into all that. Hestia looks even more Empress-y in pink :p