NAMI and coffee 3

CJ and Veronica's faces with the top of Hestia's headToday my friend CJ and I went to a family-to-family course to talk with families of people with mental health challenges.  We each spoke for 10 minutes, and then had a question and answer session afterward.  We were well received, and it was fun!  Hestia alerted to me twice during my talk, and leaned right into my chest for DPT.  So I was able to get through the anxiety without anyone knowing…  Well, they did know because I told them what was going on so that they could see what a service dog helping looks like in real life.

They had a potluck lunch afterward that we got to attend.  They had my favorite dessert– banana pudding!  So I got a lot of banana pudding LOL.

Selfie with all three of us, me, CJ, and HestiaAfter the talk, CJ and I went to a local Starbucks to hang out and talk.  It was really fun.  CJ has a PhD like me, and has disabling mental illness like me.  So we have a lot of similar experiences and stories to share.  We had a great time.

I tried texting Brad that I was going to go out to coffee with CJ, but every time I texted him, he texted me back the same exact thing I just said.  Or at least that’s what I thought was happening.  Turns out I accidentally had entered my phone number under Brad’s contact info when I got my new phone, so I was texting myself!  Boy did that explain a lot!

Veronica's sweater that she knitted has interesting patterns of burgandy and white around the collar of a turquoise sweaterCJ, Hestia, and I took a few selfies at Starbucks, and I took one that shows off my sweater that I knitted.  It is a turquoise sweater with burgandy and white Fair Isle designs around the neck.  It’s short-sleeved, like most of my sweaters are as I hate knitting sleeves LOL.

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