NAMI Harry Potter Halloween 2

Veronica and Hestia dressed up for halloweenTonight we had our last NAMI meeting before Halloween.  A few of us decided to dress up in costumes (good for @PsychiatricServiceDogPartners #PSDPrompt) 🙂  And Kakhi brought us candy and cookies!

Hestia and I dressed up with a Harry Potter theme.  I wore some colorful leggings and a T-shirt that says “Muggle” in Harry Potter lettering.  I wore a wizard hat and had a wand.  For this I was dressed as a wizard trying to pass as a muggle!

Hestia had on her headless horseman outfit, which we appropriated as Nearly Headless Nick since the head is sewn in on one side.

Veronica and Hestia dressed up for Halloween

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