A Petsmart day of tricks and play 6

Today I beat the agoraphobia monster!  Hestia was running out of food, so we headed on over to PetSmart to get her more food.  While there, Brad wanted to try a different microphone configuration so we took a couple of videos.  Pet store + videos + pictures = good impetus to leave the house!

The first video we took was showing off four of Hestia’s tricks– round, loop, shake, and high five.  She did an excellent job, so as usual, I pushed her too hard to do more…  Brad was trying to tell me that she did excellently so I need to listen to my friends Bit and Marilyn about stopping when things are good and not always pushing.  Oh well, I’m working on it.  I just get so excited she’s doing well that I want to keep going!

We took another video of how to play/engage with your dog in a highly distracting environment.  I skipped around with Miss Hestia and did some find its after running a little bit.  I even threw a treat between my legs!  On this one I messed up a little bit, I didn’t tell her “left” early enough and so I kinda tripped over Hestia!  Then at the end I almost fell over!

Veronica out of focus holding a blue knobby ball up to the camraBrad took some still pictures of us there, too.  My favorite is one where I am holding a blue knobby ball up to the camera, and I am out of focus in the background.  The other day I was trying to describe a feeling, and it was blue and knobby.  This ball looked exactly like what I was feeling!

To see all the pictures (there are only 11) visit this link:


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