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Kakhi, Betsey, Dan, Tommy, Veronica, and Hestia sitting on a couch at Bagel BoatEvery Saturday morning, our NAMI friends meet at the Bagel Boat to talk, laugh, and eat bagels, ice cream, milkshakes, and cinnamon rolls.  Oh yeah, and have coffee, too 🙂


Today Dan and Betsey came with their son Tom.  Kakhi came for the first time!  And of course I was there, too.  Brad has worn himself out doing too much stuff over the last few days, so he stayed home to sleep.


Bagel Boat is in an old bank, so they have offices with couches in them for people to hang around in and chat.  Our favorite room has a big couch that Tommy loves to lay on.  Today I got a pic of Hestia on top of Tommy on top of the couch!


We had a great time, though we missed CJ and Melissa due to car trouble 🙁  We got a person to take a picture of all of us squished together on the big couch.  I wanted to try a selfie, but with that many people, I would have needed a selfie stick!

Hestia in her red vest looking at Tom making funny faces at her


Tom is like a big kid, and one of the things he enjoys doing is making strange sounds or blowing air at Hestia and seeing if she reacts.  By now she’s come to expect and maybe even look forward to that!  So we got a couple pictures of Tommy and Hestia interacting across the room from each other.



After Bagel Boat, Kakhi and I went to a thrift shop close by the Bagel Boat.  It was really crowded because apparently it is only open 3 days a week, and only until 2PM!  We had fun looking around and trying things on, and I ended up with a new dress.  It is a blue dress, with several shades of blue mixing together on it.  It is cotton, so it is very comfy!

Close up of Japanese Chin with big googley eyes

The dressing room was small but the wait was long, so Kakhi and I shared a dressing room to try stuff on.  This left nowhere for Hestia to be safe except on the bench!  So on the bench she went, and I got a great picture of her in front of the blue dress I bought.


When I got home, Brad took a picture of me in my new dress.  Now I just need to wash it a few times, as it smells like laundry products.

Veronica wearing a dress with many shades of blue

Here are all the pictures I took, there are only 7 there, so it won’t take a long time.  Enjoy!

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