August 7th, service dogs on the town

On August 7th from 3-4:30 PM I will be giving the Service Dog in Training Manners Evaluation (ME) at TJ Maxx in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Afterward, we will go to Panera to grab a coffee/smoothie/etc and discuss how it went. RSVP please, details below. Remember that the ME is […]

Convention pictures! 1

As a happy 7th anniversary to PSDP, we released the 2019 convention pictures on Thursday! They all have alt text descriptions. Brad posted more on his google plus page, but these don’t have descriptions. I will post a few of us below (many not on the PSDP page!), but the […]

Business cards 4

I have official Dr. V business cards! And they have braille on them, too! The front of the business card is oriented horizontally with text on the left hand side and a rounded picture in the top right corner of Hestia googling her eyes like crazy and sticking her tongue […]

Disappointed in Amtrak

Yesterday we had leg two of our Amtrak trip home. It was a disappointing trip. First, when we boarded, there was a barking pet dog in our car. I let the conductor know it wasn’t my service dog, but the conductor just responded by saying they allow pets. The ongoing […]

Veronica with Hestia and Maria with Lacey stand in front of some large planters with red flowers in them. They each have an arm around the other, Veronica giving a contented smile and Maria a gleeful one. Maria is a woman with shorter brown hair, wearing a yellow shirt with white flowers on it and a very cute blue sweater with mesh lines across the shoulders. Lacey is a chocolate lab with a slightly whitened face, wearing a brown guide harness.

GDUI: Wednesday wind down 1

Today is the last day of the GDUI convention. We took it easy this morning, but that didn’t stop us from being really really tired! At lunchtime, we went to the GDUI luncheon. We were super lucky with the people at our table, getting to sit with several people we […]

Visual processing issues when overstimulated? 3

Sometimes when I am overstimulated or overwhelmed, I lose my ability to process visual information. This can be as “simple” as not being able to read anymore, or as advanced as full blown dissociation where I cannot place myself in space and time and cannot navigate in any environment. There […]

GDUI: presentation day!

This morning we woke up early and met up with Andrea for breakfast. We had SO much fun talking that we sat there at the breakfast table for two hours! It was great! We talked about all things service dog, and some other stuff, too. After breakfast, we filmed a […]

GDUI: Is it really only Monday?

Wow, what a day! We woke up this morning and headed down to breakfast in the hotel. It was actually a good breakfast. It is a buffet, and Brad got a pic of Hestia and me getting some food. Next we headed up to the BarkaLounge, where lots of fun […]

GDUI: seeing old friends and making new

Today was the start of the Guide Dog Users Inc. conference! Before the conference started, we wandered around making new friends and meeting old. It was great to see people! The first official activity was a session on surviving the conference for newbies or first timers. We went to the […]