The googley eyed problem 11

Yesterday while we were waiting in the doctor’s office, we met a woman, her adult daughter, and her infant granddaughter. They were sitting in front of us, and kept turning around to look at Hestia and ask questions about her. Of course as a result, Hestia was staring right back […]

My journey with Ollie 2

CONTENT WARNING: Talk of past suicide attempt When I got Ollie, I was an active graduate student at UC Berkeley. I was still unmedicated, but managing my bipolar to my advantage– using my hypomanic episodes to get large amounts of research done, and staying home during the depressions and psychoses. […]

Patiently purple 1

This morning we had an appointment scheduled with Brad’s GP at 10:45. Two days ago we even got a confirmation call about the appointment. However, when we showed up today, they told us our appointment had been cancelled. Luckily the person behind the desk helping us was very nice and […]

Talk, seatbelt, and accessibility fail

Today I gave a talk at Winthrop University to an MSW (social worker) class! On my way there, I stopped by Aunt Nancy and Cousin Tamara’s house to pick up kombucha. We had a great time chatting, and Hestia made sure to leave some snot on Nancy’s face when we […]

My journey with Sabrina

My life prior to getting Sabrina was hard. When I went grocery shopping, I couldn’t handle actually shopping. I would hold onto the back of Brad’s shirt, look at my feet, and shuffle around after him. I couldn’t look at any items, make any decisions, and definitely couldn’t go to […]

Service dogs at medical appointments 1

I take my service dogs to all my medical appointments including blood draws, emergency rooms, dentists, hospitals, and even surgery! Under the ADA, they are allowed in non-sterile areas. If you are allowed to wear your street shoes, it isn’t sterile! When doing things like getting stitches, they do create […]

Newly shaved Ollie 4

Ollie is our 11 year old silver Standard Poodle. Today I gave him a haircut! I like to shave Ollie bald because he is more comfortable for a longer period of time. He likes having shorter hair. Plus when I shave it so short, I don’t have to comb him! […]

Busy day and bravo Kilo! 3

Whew, what a day we’ve had today! Hestia and I started out by enjoying the cooler weather and taking a walk. Then we rushed off to see our nurse practitioner who prescribes my psych meds. I LOVE my nurse practitioner! We talked about my recent foray into hypomania that happened […]

Orchestra and a clean house

Today was our first visit from Katie, our new cleaning lady! She cleaned our house last month, but we were away and so didn’t meet her. Today we got to meet her and she is very very nice! She really liked the dogs, and they (especially Ollie!) loved her! When […]

Bagel day, Sam’s, and Walmart 3

Today was a doozy! We met our NAMI friends at Bagel Boat for our weekly bagel day. This is where friends from NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) meet and talk about anything and everything. My friend Tommy was there, and he sat next to me. This is really hard […]