Empress coat 3

Hestia’s coat that looks fit for an Empress arrived! We got it on Aliexpress for only $5! I love it. The fabric has a teal background with Chinese gold and red patterns on it. There is a 2-3 inch tassel on the back. It is lined with blue fur trim, […]

Delicious Dish

Today I saw the nutritionist again! It was a great visit. Between last visit and today’s visit, I have gained 1 lb. I gained 2 lbs the first week, and then have slowly lost 1 lb since then. I asked her about it, and she said my body is still […]

Galactic garb 2

Hestia’s new galaxy vest arrived today, and it matches my galaxy leggings perfectly! The fabric for both my leggings and the vest has a black background with silver stars and purple and blue nebulas. The vest fabric also has glitter on it. The vest has silver reflective detailing around the […]

Melatonin 1

For the past week or so, I’ve been really struggling. I have been having a very hard time staying asleep at night. Usually I’m falling asleep OK around 9PM, but waking up around 1-2AM and not being able to sleep any more. I am getting a short nap in later […]

Just the two of us 2

Today Hestia and I did errands alone! Brad has been doing really poorly lately– very tired, foggy from his new medication, and he hurt his neck editing pictures. So he wasn’t up for coming with us. It’s rare for just Hestia and me to go out together! We almost always […]

Happy Christmas! 4

Today we celebrated Christmas! We went first to Brad’s parents house to open presents. Brad outdid himself and everyone else this year with his present to his mom– he shaved his beard of 7 years!!! She was SO happy to see him clean shaven, and it surprised everyone else, too. […]