Dosa and friends

Before I left on my trip, we met up with Brad’s friend Rohit and Rohit’s dog Padma. Brad and Rohit have been friends since high school, where they started a Philosophy and Religious Studies Club together. Rohit went on to study religion, and Brad went on to study philosophy. Rohit is soon moving out of the area, so he came down to hang out with us for an afternoon.

We met up at one of my favorite local restaurants, Sri Balaji Caffe. This is a South Indian restaurant that serves my favorite food in the whole world—dosas! A dosa is an extremely large crepe-type food. The crepe is made with lentil flour. Then it is partly filled with spiced vegetables and folded up in one of a variety of ways. You eat it with your hands by tearing off pieces of the dosa and using it to pick up bites of the spiced vegetables. Mine had spiced potatoes and onions. It’s served with a coconut chutney that is amazing!

I also got a mango lassi, which is a mango yogurt drink. Brad got some spicy Singapore rice noodles, and Rohit got some iddly (rice and lentil bread-type thing) and medu vada (a savory lentil “donut”).

The pictures below show our food, us, and our dogs. Felix is a Japanese Chin, and Padma is some sort of Daschund mix.

We had a lovely meal! When we were done eating, we decided to head over to a local park and take a walk! We parked, and pretty soon after, an ice cream truck showed up! So Rohit got me some ice cream! He got a coke, I got a cotton candy flavored popsicle.

Brad got several pictures of us at the ice cream truck. I am using a pink parasol to keep the sun off of myself and Felix. Felix is also wearing a rainbow cooling vest.

We headed over to a bench nearby to eat and relax. Brad got some candid portraits of Felix and me, and of Rohit and Padma.

Then we continued on our walk around the lake. We saw a few turtles, including two who were on top of each other and then skedaddled into the water when we watched them! Brad also got some photos of me posing with my parasol, and of Rohit and Padma hanging out.

When we were almost back to our car, we saw an accessible playground! So of course I had to try it out in my wheelchair! I rolled around on the accessible play structure and had fun!

Then we walked Rohit back to his car. I got a couple of pictures of Brad and Rohit together. They are such good friends, and it was great to see him and Padma!

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