Botanical gardens: two fountains and a prairie

Next up in our botanical gardens adventure, we rejoined the main part of the gardens. They have a giant fountain that flows down the middle of the garden, with several jumping fish statues rising above the long, skinny portion of the water. The children’s garden ends at the terminus of this fountain. We got several great shots of this beautiful area!

Next up, we entered the prairie section of the gardens. This was much more plain than the highly manicured parts, but very interesting and beautiful in its own way. I had to put Felix’s cooling vest on because it was in the sun and the day was getting hotter. Brad got several pictures of pretty wildflowers, and some interesting structures.

Then we found a part of the park that had the serpentine fountain in it. This fountain was a long curved fountain with several places that water shot up in the air. It was my second favorite fountain in the gardens. It was surrounded by star lilies. I really enjoyed looking deeply into this fountain.

As we left the serpentine fountain, Brad found a few flowers with bees on them and got some great shots.

In our final blog entry about the botanical gardens, we will see my favorite part of the whole garden! I’m not telling you what it is…at least just yet!

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