Chin in the clouds

Today’s blog entry with the backdrop we recently used is my favorite! I LOVE these pictures of the dogs floating in the clouds!

We set up a white blanket on the floor for the dogs to be on, and used an orangey flash to give it that sun-kissed glow. Brad mounted a crystal on the bottom of his lens to make it look like the dogs were just floating instead of simply standing on a fluffy white blanket.

It was very amusing trying to get the dogs to pose for the pictures. The first two pictures are just of Hestia walking around on the blanket in anticipation of getting treats (they know the drill!).

Then I actually got the treats out and all three pups went happily on the blanket. It is hard to arrange them, as Hestia can’t stop spinning in circles in anticipation of the treats. This means she runs into the other dogs, messes up the blanket, and generally looks terrible for pictures LOL! We did get at least one behind the scenes shot of that! But eventually we’re able to get all three dogs to stay still for a short while to get some pictures.

Near the end, one of the flashes ran out of battery, so the pictures get a little darker. We like to think it’s just the sun going down!

For those who can’t see the pictures, the backdrop section that’s being shown has clouds coming in from the sides, going down to the middle where there’s a door for an ethereal castle. The backdrop is lit in orange and pink hues. Hestia has pink fairy wings, Alice has mint green fairy wings, and Felix has blue butterfly wings.

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