The celestial search for Shine Bot’s maker

This weekend, Brad and I did a photoshoot in front of a celestial castle backdrop with lots of pinks and blues in it. Brad dressed up as “Shine Bot”, a robotic character with lots of glitter on his face and an iridescent sequin jacket. I was dressed in a lavender dress with a rose gold sequin shawl and had some glitter on my face (but you can’t see it in the pictures). Today’s blog entry will be part one of four blog entries with this background. Today will be us and the dogs. Tomorrow will be just us. The next day will be just the dogs. And the final day will be Felix sporting his new PSDP vest.

We sat down to do the photo shoot, and almost immediately Alice and Felix asked to come up into our laps. At first they were engaged with the photo taking, and we got some shots of Felix interacting with Brad. We took the adventures in the Wizard of Oz as our storyline/posing inspiration. In the pictures, Brad and I smiled, looked alarmed, looked in wonder, looked amazed, and laughed. As the pictures progressed, however, the dogs got increasingly bored. Felix even began to fall asleep! There are several shots in this set where Felix has his eyes totally closed and is taking a snooze.

After a while, Hestia wanted in on the action. So Brad got her up on his lap, where she promptly hid Alice in many pictures LOL! We got some cute family photos of us smiling and the dogs attempting to look at the camera but mostly failing. There are many pictures of Felix yawning and trying to sleep. We got a pic of Brad and me before a kiss, and of Hestia licking my fingers. We even got some of me using a remote to control Shine Bot Brad! (It’s actually the camera shutter remote; we have the camera on a tripod and set to a 2-second delay.)

Hestia was ready for a break after all that excitement, so she got down. We tried putting Alice and Felix down, but they wanted right back up again. So more pictures with the sables! In this series, we got out a wrench and a screwdriver for me to be “fixing” Shine Bot Brad. The screwdriver pics mostly didn’t work because it looked like I was threatening Brad’s life with a knife LOL! After a bit, Brad took the wrench and started working on himself! Felix remained sleepy boy for the pictures.

Hestia didn’t want to be left out for long, so I got her up in my lap. That meant I was holding both big dogs, and Brad only had tiny Alice! But this worked better for being able to see all three dogs! We continued with the wrench for a bit, and Brad even managed to fix the dogs with a wrench (at least that’s what it looks like in the photos!). Eventually we just got some more photos of us smiling with the dogs.

If this seemed like a lot of pictures to you, don’t worry—this blog entry has the most pictures by far! And if you love this many pictures, sorry, but at least you have more to look forward to LOL Stay tuned for further adventures in the next few days!

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