Magic Kingdom: It’s a Small World & Cinderella Castle

Today is part three of the four part Magic Kingdom pictures!

Last time we left you, we had just finished riding the Liberty Square Riverboat. Our next ride was It’s a Small World. We had to really fight some crowds to get over there! Karin took us right to the disability line, which has a separate entrance than the regular (lightning lane) line.

It’s a Small World is a boat ride. Every so many boats there is a wheelchair accessible one. So your wait in line depends on how many wheelchair users are in front of you. It takes about 5–8 minutes before another wheelchair boat comes around.

When we arrived, there were two wheelchair users in front of us. So we had a very long wait in line! It was difficult to talk with the others in our group because our wheelchairs take up so much space. But we managed OK. I was mostly able to talk with Karin, and Brad was mostly able to talk with Emily and Misha. We were in front of a giant clock with fun It’s a Small World themed things that moved around and pretty lights, so it wasn’t all bad at least.

Brad put a thing on his camera that makes the pinpoints of light you’d normally see in pictures into little Mickey Mouse heads! In the pictures, you’ll see me, Karin, and Brad in wheelchairs. I have a Japanese Chin named Felix, and Karin has a Brussels Griffon named Callie Mae. Emily and Misha are walking, and Emily has a Golden Retriever named Lulu.

When it was time to board the ride, the boat was adapted so Brad could drive right onto it and down to the front of the boat with us seated around him.

Brad got several good pictures during the ride! It was really cool to see all the animatronics in the ride. They really did such a good job with the people and animals in there. Some of the people were even winking and blinking!

Felix did an OK job on the ride. He was a bit worried about being so close to the water, but not overly stressed. I held him close just in case he squirmed so he wouldn’t fall into the water!

I did manage to get a few pictures of Brad on the ride, too!

We were hungry for a little snack after that, so we headed back to Aloha Isle for more Dole Whip as Emily and Misha hadn’t tried it. By the time we got there and got our food, it was starting to get dark! So we put lighted collars on the dogs and turned our wheelchair lights on. Felix had a blue light up collar, and Lulu had a pink one. Karin had a giant pink one for Callie that she had to wrap around her neck twice!

Felix was starting to get close to being done with the park, so when I put him down he just went and sat and lay down in a corner and kept to himself. He does that when he’s starting to get overstimulated. Callie Mae came over to try to get him to play, but he wasn’t interested. So Emily sat next to him and they chilled out together.

Since Felix was getting stressed, we decided to just leave the park but walk through Tomorrowland at night on our way out of the park. Little did we know the misfortune that would unfold in part four of my blog entries!

On our way to Tomorrowland, we passed Cinderella Castle! We managed to get a few good shots of the castle all lit up behind us!

And that is where I will leave you for today. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog entry about the minor disaster we had to avert and how it impacted our park adventure.

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