Dungeon of the Ghost King

On Thanksgiving, Brad and I did another photo shoot! This time we used a backdrop of a dark and forbidding castle hallway! Brad was the Ghost King—a dead king dressed all in white with white makeup on his face and hands, black around his eyes and on his fingertips, and a crown. I was the mourning queen dressed in a green renaissance dress with a blue scarf and a tiara. We were both sitting in our wheelchairs.

Most of the shots of us together were done without the dogs. We started out with somber looks from me, and Brad ranging from frustration to anger to sadness. Alice joined us for a few pictures, as she just HAD to be in Brad’s lap LOL! We also got a few shots of me looking like I was celebrating with Brad being angry.

When we exhausted our creativity with that setup, we switched to a multi-flash situation. With this, I had to stay still for a while, and Brad moved as the camera flashed several different times. This means that Brad shows up as he was in the first flash in a ghostly transparent view, and then where he was with the second flash with another ghostly transparent view. This enables him to emote two things in the same picture and look very ghostly, while I look perfectly normal. We got some really cool shots!

When we were done with our pictures, it was time for the dogs! We put a plastic tablecloth that looked like dragon scales on the floor and lowered the backdrop so they would be in front of it. Unfortunately Felix was a little afraid of the tablecloth on the floor, so I sprinkled treats on it. Within about 5 minutes he was happily walking on the tablecloth. So we set up to take dog pictures.

Felix and Hestia were being great models, but Alice wouldn’t stop sniffing around on the floor for treat crumbs! It was hilarious and quite frustrating! We’d get these terrific shots of Felix and Hestia, but Alice would be just ruining them with her incessant sniffing around. So I put her in a crate for a while and just got the big ones.

Then we got Alice back out and she was able to listen a little bit, so we got shots of all three dogs. It was a very fun photo shoot, and I can’t wait until we can do some more! We’ve got some fun ones planned!

Below are all the pictures, enjoy!

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