The first of many Taco Bell trainings 1

Today on Sam’s Club they had a big sale on some things like gift cards. We got a gift card for Disney stuff that was 10% off, and a gift card for Taco Bell that was 20% off! There’s a Taco Bell nearby that has outdoor seating. I’ve never taken Felix there before, but when I saw the gift card and remembered that I really need to work on restaurant training, we decided to get it.

I had to download the app to use the gift card, so I got a free meal for downloading the app! I took Felix for lunch today. When we got out of the van, I realized that it was very very noisy. There is a freeway exit right next to the Taco Bell with a couple of huge gas station/truck stops at it. So there was an almost constant noise of trucks doing their Jake brakes.

As we headed inside, Felix had his tail down and wasn’t super comfortable. Then when we got inside the Taco Bell, I let the door shut after us and it really slammed shut super loud. That really startled Felix, so he was not comfortable inside Taco Bell. I had already placed my order in the parking lot, so we were only inside for less than a minute as I picked up my order and walked through the restaurant to get to the patio.

When we got to the patio, Felix still wasn’t comfortable. The patio is in front of the restaurant, the closest spot to where all the trucks were making so much noise. I got out his mat and he sat on it, but wouldn’t lie down. Then a group of motorcycles sped by with roaring engines, and that didn’t help either.

So Felix wouldn’t take treats. I decided I would eat quickly so that I didn’t flood Felix too much with all the noise. He did an OK job staying on the mat, but he wouldn’t lie down. He would only sit on the mat or sit in between my feet.

So I ate my food, and then tried talking to him softly and sweetly for a few minutes. He got a tad more relaxed, but I could tell he was still not comfortable, so I just got up and we headed home. I’m glad we got the gift card, because this is going to be a really good place to train him for truck noises. Just hopefully it’s not quite so loud there in the future! And I will be conscious of the slamming door, too. And I’ll bring higher value treats!

On the way home, I wanted to get gas. We had passed a few gas stations on the way there that would be an easy right turn in, right turn out on the way home. So I stopped at the last one which was the cheapest. I tried to put my card in and it didn’t work. I tried a few more times, and then backed up to another pump and tried that one. It didn’t work either. So even though I was not doing well because I had had a bad time training Felix, I went inside to ask them to put money on the pump. The lady told me the gas wasn’t working today!!!! So why did they have a price out there?! I was too flustered to be able to turn around and go back to any of the other gas stations, so I just headed home. We’ll have to get gas tomorrow.

I did snap a picture of Felix under the bench looking back to the side with distrust in his eyes. He is a sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a green harness.

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