Happy birthday Brad and Russ!

Tonight we went to the Fiery Crab with our friends Sabrina and Russ. We were celebrating Brad and Russ’s birthdays!

We hadn’t seen Sabrina since August because she went to Indiana for a trip in early September and then got sick, and then I was super busy. It was so good to see her again!!!!

Three of us had really awesome meals, but we did have some problems with Brad’s meal. He ordered under a menu section titled “grilled”, so we expected the shrimp and fish under that heading to be grilled. Only they were fried! So we asked that they be grilled, and the plate came back with the shrimp grilled and the fish still fried. They don’t do grilled fish there, apparently. So instead Brad just got more grilled shrimp.

It was wonderful weather to eat outside! And Felix was so good! The dried beef cheek strip I gave him might have had something to do with that LOL. It was a small table for four, and with two wheelchairs at the table there wasn’t a lot of room for Felix. So he was squished between the table leg and the wall. He did such a good job staying in that little space!

After we ate, we exchanged presents. Brad got a shirt, a small spray bottle for rubbing alcohol, and Halloween socks. And we gave Russ a set of magnetic grill lights. We also gave Sabrina and Russ some of their Christmas presents early because we just couldn’t wait. Brad gave them pictures he took, and I gave Sabrina a hat that I had crocheted and a sea turtle themed poncho for Disney. Well, Brad couldn’t wait to give pictures, but I knew I needed to give Sabrina her presents early because she needed them for Disney so I didn’t want her to get other things when she already had these coming her way.

After opening presents, we had cake that Sabrina made from a special recipe from Russ’s mom. All the servers in the restaurant were eyeing the cake, so Russ cut a piece and gave it to our server! She was really happy about that.

It was so great to finally get to see Sabrina again (we saw Russ at the NAMI walk, but Sabrina was too sick to attend). I am too tired to write much more, but below are a few pictures we took with my iPhone. In two of them, Felix lies on his mat squished between the table leg and the wall. We have a couple pictures of Sabrina and Russ with their oysters. One of Brad, and one of me with Brad’s face reflected in the window behind me.

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